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Neuromuscular Therapy
After warming up the body with various Swedish techniques, your therapist will treat your areas with a more specific, localized treatment, targeting the problem area or specific muscle. Special attention will be applied to the tendons (which attach muscle to bone) on both ends of the muscles as well as the belly of the muscle. Pressure (up to a pain scale of 7, as described under “First Time”) will be applied holding the region for 12-15 seconds which may release the tight band (TB) or Trigger Point (TrP). The area being treated will be visited and checked 3-4 times which may or may not release. Endorphins are released and are the body’s natural way to fight pain and discomfort and can cause light headedness or dizziness. Generally, these areas will release over the next 24-36 hours and tenderness is common. Always hydrate after a massage and use ice for pain as needed. This particular type of work is considered therapeutic and rehabilitative.