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Anne C

Anne C

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Anne is from Denver, Colorado, with a life journey that spans various roles and experiences. Her ten years in the military taught her discipline and resilience, qualities that have been invaluable in her role as a mother to three wonderful children. She has a deep love for the outdoors, and nothing brings her more joy than sharing her passion for camping and skiing with her family and exploring Colorado's stunning landscapes. Her interest in massage therapy and the human body has always been a guiding force in her career choices. Before becoming a massage therapist, she channeled this passion into a role as a gymnastics and functional fitness coach, where she had the opportunity to help individuals enhance their physical abilities and achieve their fitness goals. She has embarked on a new professional path as a neuromuscular massage therapist, graduating from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in September 2023. She has found immense fulfillment in helping others through her work, combining her nurturing instincts with a skillful, empathetic approach. From her military service to parenthood and now in therapeutic wellness, she has embraced each phase of her life with dedication and a caring heart.