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Kara Blumenthal

Kara Blumenthal

Brief info
Kara has been practicing massage since 2014 in which she received her certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy from CIMT. Her knowledge of the body began with her own seemingly idiopathic back pain. She sought help from a massage therapist and chiropractor. Through both of these modalities, she has found pain relief and an unwavering curiosity to know more about muscles. She learned that injured or overused muscles can cause skeletal pain. This pain became a double edged sword that gave an insight when dealing with her clients similar experiences in the lower back, jaw, elbows, and wrists. In varying degrees after receiving massage, pain can dissipate, become less frequent, less intense, and lead to more confidence in movement. Confidence in movement leads to being hopeful and having more fun in life. Kara believes that each client she has the honor to work with gives her back a new understanding. She is thankful to share her experience and add to her clients unique journey towards their health.