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I worked as a massage therapist at Advanced Neuromuscular Therapeutics for almost four years right after I graduated from CIMT. Because the office is always busy, it allowed me to get started working on clients right away and put into practice what I had just learned in school. I appreciated that Carolyn and Mark genuinely cared about me, not only as a co-worker, but also as a human being. I also liked being able to make my own schedule. If there was space for it, I could add another session if I wanted, or decrease if I needed. For family reasons my weekly schedule would need to change a few times each year and Carolyn was always willing to let me change my days around if there was space to do so. I found the quarterly classes they gave to be a mix of refreshing information from school as well as an introduction to new techniques. I always learned something new in the classes offered at the office. It was also valuable to be able to ask advice from therapists who had many more years of experience than I had myself. I was able to work on a nice variety of clients as the office accepts different insurance plans as well as personal injury clients.

Molly P

This was my first job after school, and it was the perfect fit.  It is a great environment for continued learning: the continuing education offered through the office was an excellent resource; I loved having coworkers available to ask questions to and bounce ideas off of;  and the clientele provided opportunities to practice and grow my skills.   Carolyn and the stellar admin team do their job SO well, which enabled me to really focus on being a massage therapist.  I learned so much and really enjoyed my relationships with staff and clients.

Risa T

I worked for Advanced NMT for about two and a half years. I was initially drawn in by the free classes that were offered, especially since Mark was my teacher at CIMT in 2003. It was nice to review the NMT protocol alongside the same hands who taught me in the first place. Carolyn assured me from the get-go that I could be as busy as I wanted. I was always pleased with my schedule, and when I decided I needed to back off a little, she was very flexible. Besides working alongside a very strong and gifted team, I really loved the clients. I had a very regular clientele and was truly grateful for the opportunity to meet, heal, and work on every one of them. Mark and Carolyn are very passionate about the work they do, and they want their therapists to be able to grow alongside them. It’s a great place to not only work, but to hone your skills.

Annie M

I worked at AdvNMT from February 2015 to May 2018. During that time, my knowledge in the practice of massage therapy grew beyond what I learned in school. The care that the owners take to ensure that their therapists excel in a variety of massage modalities, means that their therapists are not only better equipped to work with clients with a variety of ailments, but also greatly increases the confidence of the therapists in their practice. AdvNMT therapists know that they are the best in the Springs, but for me, this wouldn’t mean anything without the personal attention of Mark and Carolyn. They invest in each therapist that they hire and mentor them to grow towards future success. Simply put, Mark and Carolyn make rock stars in the Colorado Springs area massage therapy scene! I am so grateful for the time I spent at AdvNMT and the lessons I’ve learned from this practice have extended beyond my career as a massage therapist.

Jessica B

Starting out in massage can be like trying to find a path through the woods. Paths that can be a bit rocky and hard to navigate. Are you getting paid fairly? Is there an opportunity for growth? There is no shortage of places that are hiring, but it can be a bit shady.  A percent of tips might be taken out.  You might not ever be paid for a no call/no show.  The work environment might not get cleaned properly. You might be pressured into doing more massages than you plan to do.

There is no better place to work for massage therapists than Advanced Neuromuscular Therapeutics. They are transparent about pay and guarantee a raise in three months. The schedule is clear. They are competitive to pay therapists trained in Neuromuscular Therapy. They want the best for your career and as an individual. We all get into massage to work with our hands, understand our bodies, and positively influence people’s lives. Those are huge milestones in a career that happen every day at ANMT. It feels like being home for those reasons. The caring is here. The little things are always taken care of and that allows for growth of business.

I love that I can keep relevant with new techniques in CE, get paid fairly, and work with supportive people who want me to succeed.  I am happy to be a part of this team.

Kara B

I have loved being a therapist and a client at Advanced. The clients are genuinely cared for by the staff and the therapists. I started at Advanced shortly after completing massage school. The continuing education classes were very helpful for me. I appreciated being able to adjust my schedule as a contractor. My hours were always booked, and the pay is at the top end of the industry in Colorado. Mostly, I loved my clients. Being able to see the same people regularly and be a part of their healing and progression was both a reward and a tremendous part of the learning process. Overall, a very good experience for me.

Kelley R

Working for Advanced Neuromuscular t\Therapeutics has been a blast, I love having clients come in and trust I know what I’m doing and everyone is supportive and helpful.  If you feel lost, it’s easy to ask another staff member to make sure you don’t make any mistakes. Mark and Carolyn are also very understanding about snow which I appreciate a lot, living in an area with a lot of snow, it’s nice to know that if I don’t feel comfortable coming in I can cancel and reschedule the clients to come in with another therapist or another day. Finally the free classes are fantastic, it’s nice to have the ability to improve in this field both on a large scale and on refining knowledge, Mark teaches techniques I didn’t learn at CIMT and some of them have really made a world of difference in the outcomes of the massages that I do.

Lia P

As a therapist that has been in the industry for 7 years. It has been a tremendous pleasure to work at Advanced Neuromuscular Therapeutics. This establishment is a professional environment that feels like a second home. There is a caring and respectful atmosphere that makes it extremely pleasant to work here. Being surrounded by the best quality of co-therapists has made these past 4 years invaluable. Clientele is plenty, diverse and a joy to work with. The ownership is fair, loyal and compassionate. If you are looking to further your career in this field, to work with and for the best, than look no further than Advanced Neuromuscular Therapeutics. Offering outstanding competitive wages, free CEUs and an environment that will help you grow into the most advanced therapist that you aspire to be.

Kiley V

The work environment alone says it all. Walking in to a home like setting is relaxing and the clients we work with are awesome people.  I enjoy my fellow coworkers. We all work together and are a strong team even though we technically work independently. I have been with Advanced Neuromuscular Therapeutics for almost three years now and can honestly say I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

Reagn B

I love working at Advanced NMT. You have control over your schedule and the pay is really great, plus bonuses each year! You can trade with the best therapists in town!

Kellyn G

Working at Advanced NMT has been a good fit for me! I have flexibility with my schedule and consistent bookings!

Klarysa R

Being with Advanced NMT for over nine years now, it is a great fit for me.  I have only worked as a therapist at this office because I have been happy here. They provide training classes throughout the year that are always helpful, refreshing & learning something new.  The clients are great and through the years I have become friends with many as well as the owners Carolyn and Mark. There is a lot of support provided to all of us therapist’s.  Another bonus is that you can do your laundry here, so nice to not haul sheets home!


Working at Advanced Nero muscular therapeutics has been an incredible experience, I’ve learned so much from the clients and the staff I have worked with. I especially appreciate the extra training that they offer. Carolyn and Mark have 25 years of experience being in the massage therapy world and are very eager to pass their knowledge on to the staff working for them. The culture that Carolyn and Mark have created at Advanced Nero Muscular Therapeutics is not only conducive to the best outcome of the advancement of my career, but to the wellness of the clients and individuals who walk through our doors.


My longstanding desire to help people, accompanied with my inability to sit still lead me to the doors of massage therapy; but the love of puzzles and the desire to decipher the human condition ignited my passion for Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy.  I truly enjoy finding out, not just the how’s, but the why behind the pain we are fixing.  When I am not manipulating muscles, I am reading, painting or playing with my kiddo.